How To Make Money From Our Affiliate Program In Nigeria.
2 min readOct 17, 2022


Great news! We just launched our affiliate program ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰. Whenever you refer a friend who does a transaction, we share 50% of their transaction fees with you. The good part is, you can just refer a person once and keep earning 50% of all their transaction fees.

If someone you refer transfers $400,000 worth of crypto over time (which is very possible), you would earn around N1.2 million from that personโ€™s transactions alone.

How do I get my referral Link?

To get your referral link, just go to the settings section of your account and click on Referrals.

Fill in your bank details to let us know where your referral earnings should be sent to, and voila, you have your referral link to start sharing.

How do I access my referral earnings?

Referral earnings are automatically sent to your bank account immediately after your referral does a transaction. You will also get an email notification informing you of the payout.

What counts as a successful referral?

Whenever someone does a transaction through your referral link, that counts as a successful referral and you get 50% of transaction fees on that transaction.

Also, if a person sets up an account on through your referral link, they become your permanent referee and you are entitled to 50% of all future transaction fees on their account.

When do I earn money from a transfer?

For you to earn from a transfer, the transaction needs to be above $34



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