How to Withdraw from your wallet to your Naira bank Account
3 min readJun 27, 2022


Looking to send money to your Naira bank account directly from your wallet? This article would help guide you through that.

  1. First, you’d have to top up your wallet with some crypto. Get started by Login into your account and navigating to the wallet tab wallet

2. Click the Top-up my wallet button. You’d be prompted to choose from the available coins which are USDT or Bitcoin which you can use to fund your wallet

3. Select the amount you wish to top up with using the available Networks: Binance Smart Chain(BEP-20) or Iron Network (TRC-20)

Disclaimer: Always make sure to send the right coin on the right network. Sending it through the wrong network may result in a loss of your deposit.

4. Send the crypto to the wallet address associated with the transaction. Take note of the transaction fee of 1.7USDT on each transaction

Your funds should reflect in your wallet in less than two minutes.

5. To then send funds in your wallet to a Naira bank account, navigate to the homepage and click “Send”

6. Fill in the details of the Recipient.

7. Navigate to the wallet button to send from your wallet

8. On confirming the transaction your Naira account would be credited.

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